Strategies to confront Hezbollah and Hamas failing: Israeli general

Two Israeli reserve brigade generals say Hezbollah and Hamas are growing exponentially, noting that the Israeli strategies to confront them are failing.

Israeli occupation reserve brigade Brigadier-General Zvika Vogel said Hezbollah and Hamas have exponentially grown in their military capabilities and their abilities to wage psychological warfare, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

“Hezbollah and Hamas are continuing to grow, all the while, we continue to say that it is the quietest year,” Vogel told Israeli Channel 13.

“It is like we forgot that we do not roam Israel however we wish, and personal security has decreased. We neglected Al-Naqab, and we cannot travel freely in the north […] reality is slapping us in the face every day,” he added.

“Hamas has more than 10,000 rockets and Hezbollah has more than 160,000. Do we wait for them to get rusty?” he asked. “We have learned that these rockets will not rust, and they will eventually be fired toward us […] instead of dismissing the warnings and ensuring stability and self-sufficiency, let us take care of our future.”

Hamas in Gaza winning against ‘Israel’

Israeli occupation reserve brigade colonel Kobi Marom says there are problems within Israeli politics due to Hamas, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

“Hamas is winning against Israel on all levels,” Marom told Israeli Channel 12.

“In the battle with Hamas, the battle for awareness is no less important than military attacks. When the residents see an observational post in front of their window bombed and then repaired, they grow a sense of insecurity,” he added.

His comments come in light of Hamas rebuilding a ground control point that the Israeli occupation had bombed on Saturday, which Israeli media said caused outrage in the Gaza envelope.


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