Hezbollah Will Emerge Victorious from Economic War: MP Raad

Head of Hezbollah delegation to Moscow, Hajj Mohammad Raad indicated that the upcoming parliamentary elections will witness a competition between those who are committed to the resistance path and those who bet on the foreign protections.

Addressing an educational ceremony in Jbaa town, southern Lebanon, MP Raad clarified that Hezbollah prefers to engage in a mere democratic competition, adding, however, that the political discrimination has been imposed on the candidates and voters.

MP Raad stressed that Lebanon’s experience in the fight against the Israeli enemy and the takfiri groups necessitate the role of the resistance which complements that of the army and people.

MP Raad added that the economic war launched against Lebanon was decided by the enemies after they realized they could not defeat the resistance militarily, confirming that Hezbollah will emerge victorious from this economic war.

It is worth noting that the parliamentary elections will be held on may 15.


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