Hezbollah: Israeli-Arab Joint Drills Stab to Palestine’s Heart

Deputy Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Kawouk said that the joint drills between the Zionist entity and some Arab countries are a stab to the heart of Al-Quds and Palestine.

In a tour organized by Hezbollah in a southern tourist landmark, Sheikh Kawouk said that such drills encourage the Israeli enemy to go ahead with its aggression against Palestine and Lebanon.

“The Resistance weapon was and will stay for the aim of confronting that Israeli enemy. No one can change this course. Despite all pressures, crises and foreign meddling, the Resistance priority will be to boost its military readiness.”

Sheikh Kawouk said: “We promise our people to secure the great victory.”

Lebanon’s south, through the golden formula of “Army, Resistance, People” is the forefront to defend our country’s dignity, the Hezbollah official added.

In this context, he stressed that Hezbollah won’t allow any side to desecrate Lebanon’s dignity.


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