Sheikh Qassem: Retaliatory Strike in Shebaa Farms Delivered Message of Hezbolla’s Readiness

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed on Tuesday that the Resistance readiness to confront any Israeli aggression on Lebanon, noting that the latest retaliatory strike in Shebaa Farms has delivered this message.

During an Ashura ceremony on the second night of Muharram, Sheikh Qassem said: “All must know that Israel is a real enemy.”

“Why did it (the Israeli regime) occupy our country for 18 years? Because it wanted to control Lebanon on political, cultural, social and moral levels. It wanted to facilitate the naturalization (of Palestinian refugees) and to seize our land.”

“However, the Islamic Resistance along with all other free people and the trio of ‘army-people-resistance’ foiled the Israeli scheme,” Sheikh Qassem told attendees of the ceremony in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh).

On calls by some Lebanese sides to stop rocket launch from south Lebanon into occupied territories, he stressed that the Resistance was defending Lebanon.

“Some say we don’t want to start a brawl with Israel in order to avoid being bombed. Who is starting a brawl with Israel? It attacked us and we retaliated. If we had not retaliated, it would have staged more and more attacks in order to see whether we would confront or keep mum.”

In this context, he noted that the Zionist regime wanted by its attack to know if the internal crises Lebanon has been passing through have affected the Resistance readiness.

“Thank God, Israel now knows that despite all difficulties in Lebanon, the Resistance is fully ready with its weapons, determination and all other capabilities to confront any challenge if Israel wants to launch a war.”


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