Hezbollah to MP Roula Tabsh: Her False Claims Threaten Safety of Medics

Hezbollah’s Islamic Health Organization refuted on Monday the false claims of the member of Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc, MP Roula Tabsh, who had claimed that the association’s ambulance cab, which carried the body of the martyr Ali Shible to his house in Khaldeh, was loaded with military weapons.

In a statement, the association stressed that the Tabsh’s remarks threaten the safety of all the medics and expose them to aggression, calling for denouncing her unfair claims about those who sacrifice their souls for the sake of all the citizens.

The association reiterated that it is keen on serving all the citizens in accordance with the highest international standards of the humanitarian activities.

After the military attack of the Khaldeh gangs on the funeral procession of martyr Ali Shible claimed three martyrs, Tabsh falsely claimed that the ambulance cab, which carried Shible’s body, was loaded with military weapons.



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