Berri Hopes New Gov’t Will Be Formed Soon after Miqati Designation

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri hoped that the new government will be formed soon, Lebanese media reported on Tuesday, a day after former Premier Najib Miqati was designated by President Michel Aoun to take this task.

In remarks published by Al-Jomhouriya newspaper, Berri hoped that after Miqati nominations things will be on the right track.

“God willing things will be in the right track in order to form a salvation government,” the Lebanese speaker said.

He hoped that the period in which the government will be formed won’t be long.

“Inshallah things will be alright,” Berri was quoted by Al-Jomhouriyah.

After his designation as Lebanon’s new prime minister, former Premier Najib Mikati pledged Monday to quickly form a government to rescue the crises-hit country from all-out economic collapse.

“We are in a very difficult situation. The mission is difficult but we can succeed if we work together,” Mikati told reporters at Baabda Palace shortly after President Michel Aoun designated him to form a new government based on the outcome of the daylong binding consultations with parliamentary blocs to appoint a new prime minister.

Mikati, a two-time premier who was last in power in 2014, clinched a clear majority of 72 votes from lawmakers from the 118-member Parliament during the consultations.

Forty-two MPs did not name anyone, three did not attend the consultations and one lawmaker nominated Lebanon’s former representative at the United Nations Nawaf Salam.



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