Lebanese people, Palestinian refugees voice solidarity with Jerusalem al-Quds

Palestinian refugees and Lebanese factions have held several gatherings in solidarity with Jerusalem al-Quds. Lebanese political representatives denounced the Israeli aggressive practices both in the occupied territories and the besieged Gaza Strip.

Palestinian factions stressed that as long as Palestinians are able to protect their historic right to their homeland, then there is no fear that Israel or any collaborators can steal it away.

The speeches noted that all the resistance factions whether in Lebanon or Palestine and the entire resistance bloc United stands with the Palestinian people in their fight for freedom and life.

Protests and confrontations broke up in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds after Israeli authorities decided to break a pledge of respecting the right to worship by forcing their way into al-Aqsa mosque’s four minarets in order to silence the evening call to prayer. The Israelis violence has evoked anger across the Arab and Muslim worlds.

A salute to Jerusalem al-Quds and the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the holy land is what Lebanese and Palestinian activists gathered for today. They stress that despite all blockades and Israeli aggressive policies, the younger generations will resist more than ever before.


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