Sheikh Qabalan: Neutrality in Face of Israeli Occupation and ISIL Is Treachery

Grand Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan maintained that Lebanon’s sovereignty can be fortified by a state based on citizenship, not sects, adding that Baabda Declaration isolates Lebanon from the region.

In a statement, Sheikh Qabalan pointed out that Lebanon’s borders are infringed on a daily basis by the Israeli enemy amid the Lebanese army’s inability to confront it due to the US bans which favor the Zionist interests.

His eminence stressed that the liberation was achieved thanks to the martyrs’ blood, not the UN Resolutions 425 and 1701.

The Grand Jaafarite Mufti pointed out that the foreign forces buried the National Accord Document because they want Lebanon to have a fragile state, adding that who wants to sustain the Lebanese entity must accept holding public elections on the basis of citizenship, not sectarianism.

Sheikh Qabalan stressed that neutrality in face of the Israeli enemy and ISIL is treacherous, maintaining that the Resistance weaponry gains legitimacy from its achievements– liberation and protection of the nation, not the slogans and ads.

The nations that lack power remain occupied by the enemies, according to his eminence who added that Lebanon must have friendly relations with the neighbors not the enemies.

Who threatens peace in Lebanon is the Israeli enemy as well as US and NATO, Sheikh Qabalan said, highlighting rejection of any international conference that infringes on Lebanon’s sovereignty.



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