Nabih Berri: Ayatollah Sistani is guarantor of Iraq’s unity and sovereignty

The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament said: The Grand Ayatollah Sistani is a guarantee for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.

Referring to the agreement on a framework for drawing land and sea borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, “Nabih Berri” said: “This is a necessary step, but it is not sufficient.”

Berri added: “Agreeing on a framework for negotiating with Israel to delineate the borders is a step that should be accompanied by the formation of a government that can save the country as soon as possible.”

The Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon pointing out that the Palestinian issue is a measure of dependence on the appropriate position, continued: “If the rulers have their own necessities, the nations have their own priorities that should not be changed, and that priority is the Palestine.”

“ISIS is a project that has not been completed in Syria, Iraq or even Lebanon,” he said, emphasizing adherence to the contents of the French initiative and noting that the main challenge now is to agree on the name of the Prime Minister.


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