“Takfiris target weakening Islamic countries through disagreements.”

Head of Hezbollah bureau said Takfiri (excommunicating) groups in an alliance with enemies of Islam aim at undermining Islamic unity and weakening Muslim states.

Sheikh Ibrahim Amin, Hezbollah representative in the international conference on Takfir underway in the Iranian holy city of Qom hailed the stances of Muslim clerics in confrontation with Takfiri ideologies.

He added,” What has aided Takfiri terrorists to expand their movement is the support of some colonial states who are in pursuit of bringing chaos in the world of Islam.”

Head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah noted that confrontation with the increasing expansion of Islam in the international arena is the most important target of DAESH and other Takfiri groups and said,” They try to underestimate commonalities of the Muslims and expand the differences for a gradual weakening of the Muslim states.”

He added,” There are two movements among Takfiri groups: one calls all other Muslims as Laic while the other movement excommunicates the rest of the Muslims as non-believers so that they can issue the permission for their terrorist crimes.”

He hailed the international conference on Takfiri movements and highlighted the disclosure of true identity of Takfiri crimes as the most important mission of the event.

Hezbollah figure noted,” Muslims are in urgent need of unity while Takfiri moves are trying to undermine this unity and are fully supported by the enemies of Islam.”

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