Hezbollah offered deep condolences to the families of Al-Jiyyeh martyrs

Hezbollah denounced, in a statement, the horrific crime which took place Monday on Al-Jiyyeh highway and claimed the two martyrs Hussein Shalhoub and Sanaa Al-Jondi.

“The two martyrs were burnt to death inside the car which crashed after it was attacked by the militiamen and bandits who resort to the ugliest methods of humiliation and terror practices against the innocent civilians while moving on the highways to pursue their business.”

The statement added, “This sinful attack on the two dear martyrs targets all the Lebanese and threatens the civil peace and social stability, calling for holding the full responsibility of solving Al-Jiyyeh terrorist crime and penalizing the assailants.

Hezbollah offered deep condolences to the families of the two martyrs, especially Shalhoub’s daughter, asking Holy God to bless both of them with His Mercy and provide their beloved ones with patience.

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