Al-Qaeda terrorists arrested, cells busted in raids in Iraq

iraq al qaidaIraqi forces have arrested 6 ringleaders of Al-Qaeda, wanted terrorists of Abu Ghuraib and busted two terrorist cells in raids in different areas.

Shiite News reported on Thursday that Security forces arrested six of al-Qaeda Emirs (ringleaders) in a crackdown carried out in Alqaim district western Anbar province.

A source in Anbar police said to NINA reporter : “Border’s police force carried out a crackdown comprising wide areas near the Iraqi-Syrian border near Alqaim district far western Anbar.
Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of two terrorist cells in Baghdad.

Forces of Baghdad Operations Command, arrested a number of who are described as the most wanted terrorist in accordance with Article 4 , including one of the fugitives from Abu Ghuraib prison in the Arab Challoub area south of Baghdad today.

The command said in a statement today that “the security forces of Baghdad Operations Command , has been able to arrest a number of wanted in accordance with Article 4 of anti terrorism law , including a fugitive from Abu Ghraib prison in the region of Arab-Challoub

The spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier General Saad Maan said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “forces from Baghdad operations command arrested two terrorist cells, the first cell is consisting of six people and the second is includes 8 people,” adding that ” they have carried out a number of terrorist operations by car bombs, IEDs and killed citizens by weapons with silencers in Baghdad.”

He explained, “These people confessed those operations, pointing out that” the leadership of BOC will show those people on the media at a press conference this afternoon. “


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