Awaited Imam course held by the Quran House of the Imam Hussein holy shrine

imam hussainThe Quran House of the Imam Hussein holy shrine has conducted a course titled the Awaited Imam Course on Quran for college students in order to qualify Quran teachers at the Iraqi Universities.

The coordinator of the Quranic cultural activities of the Quran House with the Iraqi Universities Mr. Ahmed Musa Imran, said that the number of the participants was 60 students from different universities. He also mentioned that the course included various Quranic lessons such as the rules of recitation, means of memorization, Quranic sciences and interpretation as well as other lessons in ethics.

It’s been mentioned that the course supervised and lectured by qualified specialists in the Quranic and ethical fields. Also, the Quran House seeks to take the role of promulgating the religious and cultural awareness of the Noble Quran among college students.


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