Iraqi PM: Syria not threatening Turkey

maliki newIraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has warned Turkey not to blow-up its differences with Syria and drag NATO into the conflict.

The support for the Syria came during Maliki’s visit to Moscow. In parallel, the Iraqi PM asserted that Syria was not threatening Turkey.

“Turkey is being presumptuous, you could say, as if it were taking responsibility for solving the Syrian conflict instead of the Syrian people and wants to impose its own solution. For this reason the international community needs to stop Turkey from intervening,” he said. In an interview to the Russian news agency Interfax, Maliki dismissed the “tales about Syrian planes dropping bombs on the Turkish territories.”

“Even if something like that happened, these stories are blown out of proportion,” the Iraqi prime minister confirmed.

He further stressed that “there is no need to use it as a pretext for a war and to get a whole organization, such as NATO, involved in Turkey’s defense. There is no threat to Turkey.”

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