Shia pilgrims defy hot weather to commemorate martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali

iraq imam aliMillions of pilgrims from inside Iraq and abroad have rushed to Najaf province to participate in commemorating the rituals of the Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (peace be upon him).
The pilgrims who crowded near the holy shrine of Imam Ali to conduct the rituals of the Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali bin Abu Taleb (AS) to renew and confirm their loyalty to the progeny of Prophet Mohammad and to follow their steps in religion.

The Shiite processions have been taken out on the roads leading to the holy shrine and the security forces were on alert to protect the pilgrims from any terrorist attacks while the first aid ambulances were located here and there to serve the pilgrims in case of any harm.

Police forces of Najaf province declared a ban on vehicles’ movement as a procedure to ensure protection to the pilgrims coming from all over Iraq and other countries to commemorate this anniversary.

Each year, Najaf province witnesses crowds of millions of pilgrims who head towards the holy shrine of Imam Ali to commemorate his Martyrdom anniversary which is dated on the 21st of Ramadan.

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