Iraq FM: US must Seize Chance for Iran Ties

iran timesIraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari called on the West, particularly the United States, to seize the opportunity under the present Iranian administration to interact with Tehran.Zebari

Zebari on Saturday described the administration of President Sheikh Hasan Rouhani as “the best chance” for an improvement in the 34-year frigid relations between Iran and the US.
Zebari noted that prior to the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, he had told US and European officials to take seriously the resolve of Rouhani’s administration to interact with the West.
He also pointed to the appointment of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as Iran’s chief representative in nuclear negotiations with the six world powers as another indication of Rouhani’s determination to interact with West.
The Iraqi foreign minister said that after the election of President Rouhani in June, Iraq had numerous discussions with the US over the prospect of Tehran-Washington relations, adding, “Our role I would not claim to be decisive or instrumental, but it was helpful.”

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