Crack down against Sadrists in Diwaniya

jos_muqtada-300x195 A Sadrist source in Diwaniya, Qadisiya province, said that an arrest campaign is being carried out on Sunday evening,  against Sadrists (followers of Noted Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr) in Diwaniya. The source told Shiite News, “Police and military forces launched a search and arrest campaign against Sadrists in Sadiq, Jamhoriya and Wahdeh neighbourhoods.” He added, “The campaign has a wide political aims for influential government parties and American forces.” The source called on the Sadrists for “restrain and not to be drawn into American supported plans.” In his words. The source did not specify the number of the arrested Sadrists. However, The Media Commission of Sadr Office announced that “Sayed Adnan Musawi was released after three years of detention.” A statement by the Commission cited “Musawi, who was the Imam of the Friday prayer in Balad district, was detained by the joint forces in Salah-il-Din province.” “Musawi, after getting out of the detention facility directly, was received by the head of Sadr office, Sheikh Muwafaq Khazraji, as well as the office members in addition to the citizens of the area.”


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