Iraqi Shia Cleric Blames America for Iraq Bombings

jos_sadrists_iraq1-150x150 An influential Shia cleric called on his followers to defend themselves and places of worship after deadly Baghdad mosque bombings and said that USA is behind of all terrorist activities in Iraq. Muqtada Al Sadr’s statement signaled growing impatience among Shias over continued bombings by insurgents and the government’s failure to protect them.   Friday’s bombings — most targeting Shia places of worship as crowds were at prayer — killed 72 people in Iraq’s bloodiest day so far this year after the killing of the top two Al Qaeda Terrorist leaders last weekend. Nobody claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Iraqi officials were quick to blame al-Qaida in Iraq, which frequently targets Shiite mosques and processions in a bid to stoke new sectarian bloodshed. Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki said the insurgents were fighting back after the deaths of their two leaders. Al Sadr issued a statement late Friday calling on “believers” to join the Iraqi army and police “to defend their shrines, mosques, prayers, markets, houses and their towns.”


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