9/11-style plot to hijack airlines and fly them into Imam Ali (a.s) Shirine Foiled

jos_imam_ali_shrine Iraqi security officials say Iraqi forces have foiled an al-Qaida in Iraq plot for a 9/11-style attack to hijack airlines and fly them into Shrine of Imam Ali (a.s) in holy Najf. According to Shiite News monitoring desk, two senior Iraqi officials told on Wednesday they have arrested two men allegedly linked to the plan, which shut down the airport in Najaf for days and Baghdad airport for hours last week. Two senior U.S. intelligence officials in Washington confirmed the plot but said it’s doubtful the alleged plotters were very far along in their planning — or even had the ability to carry it out. The officials say the plan was aimed at re-igniting sectarian violence. All spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. source: ABNA


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