Hakeem, Chalabi discuss steps to allay NIA, SL

jos_hakeem_chalabi-150x150 Leader of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Alliance (SIIC), Syed Ammar al-Hakeem, discussed with leader of National Iraq Conference, Ahmed Chalabi, the on going talks toward forming an alliance between the Shia parties led National Iraqi Alliance and the State of Law Alliance. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, “Ammar al-Hakeem discussed with Chalabi the country’s political developments, especially the on going move to hold a round table meeting that will include the political blocs and forces, especially those who won in the election.” It added, “The two discussed the on going talks between the National Iraqi Alliance and the State of Law Alliance toward forming an alliance between them.” The statement went on saying, “Chalabi affirmed that the National Iraqi Alliance seeks to include all Iraqi components in managing the country and forming a government capable of realizing the peoples’ expectations, stressing that such formation should not be a cover for inactive government behavior and continued failure.


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