Terrorists gunned down 6 Shia in Iraq

jos_iraq_family Wahabi terrorists were gunned down a Shia couple and four of their children in their home outside Baghdad on Monday, the latest in a string of attacks that have killed some 70 people since Friday, police said. According to the Shiite news, Monday’s shooting happened around 2:30 p.m. some 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of Baghdad, police commander Maj. Aziz al-Amarah said. The gunmen shot four children — aged 11, 10, 9 and 6 — and their parents. Two teenage daughters escaped. “I was with my sister upstairs when three men knocked on the door,” 18-year-old Amina said. She said the gunmen asked her father about someone, and he responded that he had no link to him. She and her 16-year-old sister fled to the next house when the shooting started, Amina said.


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