Iraq constitution ‘prohibits’ Allawi premiership

jos_iyad_allawi It is not possible for Iyad Allawi to become the Iraqi prime minister according to Iraq’s constitution, an Iraqi political expert has told National Iraqi News Agency (NINA). “According to Article 77 of the Iraqi Constitution, Iyad Allawi can not become the country’s prime minister,”  Tariq Harb, an independent political expert said in an interview with NINA on Friday. According to the Shiite News “Article 77 says the Iraqi president and prime minister must have Iraqi parents, but Allawi’s mother is Lebanese,” he added. Meanwhile, some Iraqi sources have also said that it is impossible for Adel Abdul-Mahdi to become the prime minister due to the same reason since his mother is a Syrian citizen. Allawi is a Shia who served as the Iraqi prime minister in 2004-2005. In the meantime, the incumbent Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called for unity and constructive talks among political blocs to form a coalition government. Maliki further pointed out that the talks must be based on the Iraqi constitution and not on individual interests.


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