Iraq not to be run by one party, says al-Hakim

shhite_ammar_al_hakeem The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) Syed Ammar al-Hakim pointed out that “We do not support the principle of the political majority since Iraq can not be run by a single man or single party.” According to the Shiite News a statement by the SIIC, quoted Hakim as saying  “We need a strong and united government to represent all constituents of the Iraqi spectrum.” “We are looking for a government that believes in actions rather than slogans,” he added, noting that “We will put the people’s interests ahead of political interests.” “The elections came to sustain the principle of democracy in Iraq,” according to Hakim. Hakim also appreciated the role of the religious authorities which supported the political process. It is worth mentioning that some blocs expressed their wishes to form a political majority government. Ammar al-Hakim meets Grand Ayatullah Sistani in Najaf Meanwhile, The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Syed Ammar al-Hakim visited the Higher Religious Authority Ayatollah Ali Sistani in his office in Najaf on Thursday. Informed source statedthat  “Hakim is the first political figure to meet Sistani after the elections.” Ammar al-Hakim has arrived in Najaf on Thursday morning.


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