Sadr: Participating in election is political resistance

jos_news_muqtadda_sadr Leader of the Sadrist Trend, Syed Muqtada al-Sadr, considers participation in the on going parliamentary election is a political resistance. A statement distributed on Friday evening by the Sadrist Political Body, Noted Iraqi anti-American cleric  said, “This year’s election I consider it a political resistance in which we are well united.” Muqtada al-Sadr refuted doubts over election’s usefulnes, he said,”It might result in successes, therefore you are to unite for the liberation of Iraq politicaly and for the service of your people. Meanwhile,Iraqis residing in Iran was casted their votes on Friday. Head of Iraqi High Electoral Commission (IHEC) Office in Iran, Ali Ubaid, said that, “Iraqi voters were cast their votes  from 8:00 to 5:Pm Friday, in polling station through out Iran. He pointed out that since the opening of polling stations large Iraqi voters turn out began, and the voting process was held as planned by the IHEC. Nearly 50,000 Iraqi expatriates in Iran are eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections which was completed on Friday. It is worth noting that 28 international organizations are observing the Iraqis’ voting abroad. More than 6,200 candidates from six major coalitions and several tribal and minority groups are vying for the 325 seats in the Council of Representatives.


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