Ayatollah Syed Ali Al- Sistani Urges Big Poll Turnout

jos_ayatullah_sistani2 Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Husseini al-Sistani called on voters on Wednesday to turn out massively for next month’s general election but did not endorse any particular party. Syed Al-Sistani’s support is seen as key to boosting turnout for the March 7 parliamentary  election. According to the Shiite News Correspondent, “Ayatollah Sistani sees it as critical that all people who care about the future of the country and rebuilding it… participate in the election,” a statement from his office said. “Turning away from participation, for whatever reason, will give them a chance to achieve their illegitimate goals,” it said, without specifying who Sistani meant by “them”. The statement went on to say that the reverd Shia cleric Syed Ali al-Sistani did not support any particular party in the election, and called on electors to “vote for the best groups, those who care about the interests of Iraq.” “Vote for the list that is able to achieve the ambitions of the people, such as stability and improvement, and vote for the honest and efficient candidate who respects the traditions and values of the Iraqi people.”


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