Interesting reaction of Ayatollah Sistani to his abuser

jos_ayatullah_sistani-215x300 According to Ahlul Bayt (A) News Agency – Kuwaiti press wrote what Grand Ayatollah Sistani in meeting with a group of Kuwaiti pilgrims in Najaf wants Shia residents in Persian Gulf countries to maintain security and National Unity and avoid sectarian clashes. Grand Ayatollah Sistani also in a reaction about insulting him by Sheikh Arifi said: “If what he or any other person has said about me is true, I want you to pray for forgiveness for me and if is not right, pray for forgiveness for anyone who insult and abuse me and other persons.” He added: “The believers have to expand the love culture and repeat “I love you” to their believing brothers. It is also necessary to preserve Islamic unity. ” It is worth noting that one of Wahhabi hard-line cleric called Sheikh Mohammad Arifi more than a month ago in response to requests by some parties of Ayatollah Sistani for mediation to resolve the crisis in Yemen, in a hubristic manner called Grand Ayatollah Sistani as a “debauchee” and “infidel”.

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