Protest Demonstration held in Karbala against the decision to allow Baathists to participate in election

jos_iraq_protest_saddam_loyalits1-300x205 Thousands of people in holy city of Karbala staged protest demonstration against the decision to to allow hundreds of former Saddam loyalists to run in next month’s general elections.   The enraged protesters demanded of the Iraqi Government to not allow the Saddam loyalists (Baathist) to take part in upcoming election in Iraq. It may be noted here that the an appeals panel overturned the ban on the former Baathists running for office on Wednesday. The ban was ordered by a commission that was set up in an attempt to ensure that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s Baath party won’t return to public life.  Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s government has called the ruling illegal. People across Iraq have also held massive rallies in protest against the appeals panel’s decision. The US has defended the lifting of the ban on former Baathists. General elections in Iraq will be held on March 7th.


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