Iraqi troops uncover tunnels, munitions at former Daesh camp in Mosul

Iraqi army soldiers have discovered a network of tunnels as well as ammunition at a former training ground of Daesh Takfiri militants on the eastern bank of the Tigris River as government forces and allies are preparing for a new stage of operations in the northern city of Mosul.

Iraqi army commander, Lieutenant Colonel Falah Hammad Hindi, said Daesh extremists “used this entire area as a training ground,” adding, “The Ghabat area was cordoned off in order to train the members of the group on how to snipe at, use mortars, and for physical training.”

Hindi went on to say that some of Daesh members were fed only a few potatoes per week, while others were allowed to eat three dates per day to become battle-ready in the camp.

The senior Iraqi military figure further showed a room dug beneath the ground, which the terrorists apparently used to hide in the wake of aerial bombardments.

“Our role here now is to hold the ground following the recapture of the ground by the Iraqi army and the CTS (Counter-Terrorism Service), and the removal of Daesh militants,” Hindi pointed out.

Hindi added that Daesh snipers are highly accurate because they had formerly been soldiers in eastern European military forces.

He noted that Iraqi government forces rely on intelligence from residents of western Mosul as they gear up for a new phase of operations against Daesh militants.


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