Iraqi Parliament Gives President Salih 15 Days to Nominate New PM

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Mohamed al-Halbousi, appealed on Wednesday to President Barham Salih to nominate a new prime minister within 15 days.

“Based on Article 76 of the Constitution, I call [on the president] to appoint a candidate for the prime minister’s post within 15 days,” al-Halbousi said, as quoted by Al-Arabiya broadcaster.

According to the broadcaster, political circles have been pushing for the appointment of former Oil Minister Ibrahim Mohammad Bahr al-Ulloum.

On Tuesday, media reported that Salih had started the first round of consultations with the country’s political blocs to choose a new head of government after Adel Abdul Mahdi announced his resignation amid the ongoing unrest in the country.

Since October, Iraq has been for weeks gripped by protests calling for toppling government. Demonstrators have been protesting against corruption in the country and lack of basic services.

However, protests turned to be violent with some participants vandalizing public property and opening fire on demonstrators.

-Iraqi Parliament


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