Mowlavi Ahrari hails unique solidarity of Iranian Shia Sunni leaders

mowlavi ahariSunni prayer leader in Southern Khorasan Province hailed solidarity among Iranian Shia Sunni leaders saying that the unity of Iranian nation is shown in national and religious ceremonies throughout the year. Mowlavi Mohammad Ahrari, Friday prayer leader of Dermian, in Southern Khorasan Province, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) noted that unity realizes when different Islamic denominations respect each other and avoid desecration of sanctities of other faiths and this is unique among Iranian people since they have set an example of achieving solidarity among all Muslim countries.

Q: Please explain your views on the importance and ways to achieve unity and also the reasons for disunity among Muslim nations.

A: If we refer to the beginning of Islam when the religion was promoting among people, then you see that Muslims and non-Muslims were living together in peace because Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) set up Islamic rules in a way that it unified all people and that inspired non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

The reasons for disunity among Islamic communities include hypocrisy, excommunication and lack of knowledge on other denominations.

Q: In your view to what extent can proximity conferences transmit the culture of unity from the level of leaders to the public?

A: Knowing each denomination depends on the leaders of that school of thought and once the leaders expand Islam based on Qur’an and the lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) then people will have a second thought on their speaking and deeds.
Because this Islamic proximity has been promoting since the beginning of Islamic Revolution and it is quite visible among Shia and Sunni, in my idea holding proximity summits and participation of Shia Sunni leaders in them will have bright consequences for promotion of Islamic unity.

Q: Then what are the ways for achieving a unified Islamic nation?

A: Unified Umma (nation) is what holy Qur’an has explained and invited all to fraternity and unity.

In my view the best way for realizing that is following the verse of Qur’an that invites all Muslims to refer to their commonalities (God Almighty, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and holy Qur’an).

Today the most effective tactic of the enemies is to rift the Muslims and the best defense of the Muslims is to maintain their unity; therefore, one of the best ways for realization of a unified Islamic nation is to follow the recommendations of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for maintaining solidarity among Muslims.

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