Bahraini activist describes Jaw Prison as ‘graveyard for humanity’

Bahraini ophthalmologist and human rights activist Dr. Saeed al-Samahiji was freed on Thursday after spending a month behind bars.

Following his release, Al-Samahiji revealed that he spent 17 days in solitary confinement – a place he described as unsuitable for a human being.

Al-Samahiji, who was convicted for allegedly insulting a police officer, told Bahraini rights campaigner Ebtisam al-Saegh that he was subjected to ill-treatment while serving out his sentence in Jaw Prison.

“[Jaw Prison] is a graveyard for humanity and those in it are dying slowly,” he said.

Since the start of Bahrain’s popular uprising in 2011, Al-Samahiji was jailed several times for extending medical services to injured pro-democracy protests and speaking out against Manama’s abuses.


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