Zuhair reveals official documents of the Abu-Thar mosque

masjid bahrain1The Bahraini authority has taken a decision to build a public park for a housing project on the land of the Abu-Thar mosque which it had demolished during the state of emergency back in 2011. Up to 38 mosques were demolished by the regime in a sectarian and hostile campaign.

Abdul-Ridha Zuhair, a former municipal representative, stated that the decision comes within the state’s fabrications and counterfeiting and exploiting of municipal services and which all serve its sectarian and vengeful goals. He added, “Islam and Muslims could not accept the Government’s violation of and disrespect to the sanctity of mosques and holy Islamic places. The authority in Bahrain does not believe in its people’s rights and has used power to serve dirty tourism and deep corruption in total contradiction to Islam”.

Zuhair reminded that the authority has demolished the 450 year old Ameer Mohammed Al-Barbaghi mosque. The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry condemned the Government of Bahrain, yet, instead of implementing the commission’s recommendations, the GoB is now fabricating facts by claiming that the Abu-Thar mosque was built on a public-use land.

Zuhair confirmed that the mosque’s official documents and survey certificate and which existed before the housing project that includes the park refute the Government’s claims.

He further clarified that a different location was set for the park in the housing project but a Sunni mosque was then built there. He said, “Nobody objected to the change but the question is why are facts being fabricated and why does the government claim that a very old mosque does not meet the legal requirements?”

“Too many parks in housing projects have been approved long ago and left without building, so why is this park in particular different? Isn’t it the same sectarian and political motives that were behind the demolishing of the mosques?”, he added.


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