Sheikh Issa Qasim: Al Kalifa is ignorant to solve Bahrain crisis

isa qasimTop Bahraini cleric slammed Bahrain government for spending domestic assets and accepting foreign aids for crisis in the country saying that the ruling government does not want the turmoil to be solved.
Sheikh Issa Qasim, prominent Shia jurisprudent in Bahrain, in his weekly Friday prayer sermon said all the paths followed by the ruling government were security, media and political measures funded from internal and foreign sources, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” This sum of money could be invested on prosperity of the country and at the service of reforming the country rather than on silencing and depriving the nation, marginalizing, disrespecting and following security ways.”

Sheikh Issa Qasim stressed,” It is as if either there is no just way to unify the nation and protect a solid tie between them or the ruling government is incapable of reaching such a solution.”

He added,” The fact is that neither of these is the problem rather the government is ignorant to follow such a solution.”


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