Mihazza village still under siege, Over 58 houses raided

bahrain ladyThe regime forces in Bahrain raided on Sunday around 58 houses and places belonging to citizens. More than 19 areas were subjected to the forces’ suppression and use of violence and excessive force causing injuries between citizens.

Protest marches continued to take streets in many areas and villages, however, most were suppressed with teargas and birdshot.

The forces handled the protests with great brutality and excessive violence, preventing citizens to practice their right of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in demand for a democratic transition.

The areas that witnessed protests include: Sfalah and Mihazza in Sitra island, Eker, Maameer, Nuwaidrat, Nabih Salih, Miqsha, Quraya, Janusan, North Sihla, Daih, JidHafs, Musalah, Sanabis, Muharraq, DarKulaib, Kawara and Tubli.

A protest went out in Muharraq to honor the Friday prayer martyr, Ali Abbas Radhi, and in solidarity with the village of Mihazza in Sitra island, which is subjected to the regime forces’ terrorizing siege, ugly violations to rights and nightly house raids. The forces’ used birdshot against protesters, targeting them in attempt to hurt and kill, many injuries were reported between the protesters.

One protester, from Abu-Saiba, was injured by a teargas canister which the forces tend to use as live ammunition by aiming directly at bodies, this behavior has previously caused a number of deaths. Information revealed that more than 58 houses were raided, most of which were in Mihazza village, which is subjected to the regime forces’ violations under the brutal clampdown, some houses in the village were raided more than once.


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