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900 unemployed Bahraini engineers, gov’t still refuses Bahrainization of jobs

Economic researcher Aref Khalifa revealed in a video posted on his Instagram account a tragic figure, as he showed an increase in the number of unemployed Bahraini engineers.

“In 2019, there were 450 unemployed Bahraini engineers and the number increased to 900 in 2022,” Khalifa said. He explained that the unemployed engineers are of various specialties of engineering, civil, mechanical, electronic, electrical, and others.”

“In Bahrain, there are approximately 191 Bahraini engineering offices, 62 foreign offices, and 90% of the employees in the offices are foreigners,” he noted. Khalifa called on all the concerned parties to prepare a work program to employ all Bahraini graduates, and stressed the need not to prefer foreigners over Bahrainis.

Chairman of the Association of Engineering Offices, Mazen Ahmed Al-Omran, said in May 2022, that 90% of the employees in the engineering offices are foreigners.

According Ministry of Labour figures, the number of officially unemployed in Bahrain is more than 15,000.

According to figures announced by professional associations, there are at least 900 currently unemployed engineers, about 1000 unemployed lawyers, hundreds of doctors and nurses, hundreds of teachers as well as unemployed from different specialties.

The government still rejects the real solution adopted by weighty Persian Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which is the localization of jobs. In Kuwait jobs are Kuwaitized, as well as in Saudi Arabia, which has advanced over the Persian Gulf countries in the localization of jobs.

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