Sheikh Salman Reiterates Call on Al-Manama Regime to Run National Dialogue away from Foreign Interventions

Secretary General of Al-Wefaq Islamic Association in Bahrain reiterated his call on Al-Manama regime to run a national dialogue and implement reforms away from any foreign interventions.

On the eight of anniversary of his arbitrary detainment at Al-Jaw prison, Sheikh Salman launched his call titled “For the Sake of the Nation” in which he sent a message to all the Bahrainis.

Sheikh Saman’s message underlined the importance of the national collaboration in order to cope with the entire Bahraini crisis, clarifying that answering the phone call of the Qatari foreign minister in 2011 aimed at responding positively to the GCC initiative.

Sheikh Salman added that had he not responded to the phone call, the Bahraini opposition would have been accused of rejecting the initiative.

Meanwhile, popular delegations representing the martyrs’ and prisoners’ mothers visited Sheikh Salman’s residence to voice solidarity with his family.


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