Bahraini Regime Uses Journalists to Ameliorate Normalization of Ties with ‘Israel’

Since concluding the normalization deal with the Zionist enemy in 2020, the Bahraini regime uses media campaigns in order to ameliorate its image and promote the normalization concept in the Bahraini society.

Journalists have been mainly used to reach this target. Ahdeya Ahmad has been a very conspicuous example in this regard.

Amid the escalation of Palestinian operations against the Zionist settlers in Tel Aviv and other occupied cities, Ahmad visited the occupation entity and met with the Israeli army’s spox Avijaa Adraei and claimed that the relations between Bahrain and ‘Israel’ would not be affected by the attacks.

A video showed Ahamd and Adraei smiling and exchanging compliments on board ship. Social media users circulated the video to rebuke Ahmad who mourned the two Israelis killed in the latest Palestinian operation in Tel Aviv.

Forum of Palestinian Journalists described Ahmad’s visit to the Zionist entity as a stigma that can never be removed.


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