‘Takfirism Saudi Frankenstein’s monster’

King AbdullahThe USA and UK are creating a monster. Monsters are supposed to bite other people but they do have a disconcerting tendency to bite the hand that feeds them.

Yet the USA and UK are continuing to feed the monster partly because they like monsters and partly because monsters provide justification for more spying, more arms and more war.

The creation of the 9/11 monster was particularly successful because it enabled them to have an excuse to attack Islamic nations (indeed, General Wesley Clark was told that seven would be attacked).

Today’s monster is the Takfiri/Wahhabi one which is getting lots of food especially because the USA wants to nourish anything which is central to the Axis of Evil (i.e., the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia). After all, friends help each other, don’t they?

Yet in Europe, and even in the USA, there is increasing realisation that the Takfiri/Wahhabi monster could soon be barging in through the back gate. So Western governments are now complaining about young men who go to Syria to join the head-choppers, throat-slitters, gas-chokers and garrotters of young girls. Those young men might return and do their garrotting on home territory.

However, even while complaining, the USA, UK and others are encouraging, financing and arming the Takfiri and Wahhabi! This, of course, is contradictory, even schizophrenic, but what’s a bit of schizophrenia when you’re among friends?

Nevertheless, nasty facts are starting to impinge even on schizophrenic minds not least because the monster is popping up in more and more places. One example is Iraq where the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant killers are as gruesome a manifestation of the monster as there is ever likely to be. Another is northern Nigeria where hundreds of Nigerian girls are being kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery by Boko Haram.

So who lies behind the latest atrocity committed by Boko Haram? Who is promoting them? Who is financing them? Despite the poverty of the area (where over 60% of the population live on under $2 per day) how does it happen that Boko Haram have been filmed with armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry? Where did they get the money to buy such things? Who supplied the weaponry?

Well, it wasn’t the fairies (or the Russians, or the Chinese, or the Iranians, for that matter). It was, and is, the Axis of Evil. And the key to understanding the Takfiri/Wahhabi monster is to ask who is supplying the psychological motive which tells young men that it is legitimate to kill anybody but themselves?

Indeed, who is stimulating young men to commit atrocities the nature of which would have been unthinkable only a short time ago? Who sanctifies unspeakable conduct? Who tells the monster that everything it does is not only acceptable to, but also sanctified by, Allah?

Everybody knows the answer ‒ it’s the Saudis. Or rather, the vicious Saudi regime. More than anything else (and, in comparison, the Israelis and the Americans are minor partners) it is the Saudi regime which is promoting a world of atrocity and destruction the like of which even the barbarians invading the ancient Roman Empire would have been ashamed.

In Bahrain, furthermore, the Saudis are behind the torture and killing being done by the Killer-Khalifa regime (another lot of vicious totalitarians using death squads to terrorise a remarkably brave population only wanting a bit of democracy). The UK government, of course, continues to be loyal to these killers thereby destroying any slivers of respect that the rest of the world might have for it, but there is awareness of the bankruptcy of British foreign policy and that, one day, a price will have to be paid.

That awareness is increasing. The USA and UK are having to face the fact that millions of Syrians enthusiastically went to vote and, just as enthusiastically, voted to maintain President Assad.

And then there’s Hezbollah which, significantly, is no longer being called a terrorist organisation by American Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry is as unprincipled a politician as there ever was (and that’s saying something) but even he is beginning to sleep uneasily as his subconscious mind begins to recognise that his foreign policy is now completely contradictory and has no logical, let alone moral, substance whatsoever.

Furthermore, even Kerry can recognise what is now an out-of-control monster.

So what can be done?

At first sight, nothing because Takfiri/Wahhabism is integral to the continuing existence of the Saudi state and the regime ruthlessly maintains its grip.

But, at second sight, the solution becomes obvious ‒ the overthrow of the Saudi regime and then the realisation of the deepest desire of the bulk of the populace for a genuinely modern, democratic society (with which the USA and UK could trade in the normal way).

All of which might seem unlikely except that the USA and UK are finding that the monster they have helped to create really is coming in through the back door and so, unless they do something immediate and really big, they will get badly bitten.

The overthrow of the Saudi regime could be done and, quite soon, it could become a necessity.

Let us hope that, for once, the USA and UK manage to break free from the grip of the Axis of Evil.

By Prof.Rodney Shakespeare


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