Domino of Normalization of Relations; From Slogan to Reality

In recent days, there has been widespread propaganda about the tendency of some countries in the Persian Gulf as well as the willingness of some other countries to move their embassies to Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Regarding this issue, in addition to the large media coverage of the news of permitting Israeli airplanes to cross Saudi Arabia and Bahrain’s sky, recently the US president Donald Trump announced that Serbia has agreed to move its embassy to Al-Quds, and also a not so well-known country in East Africa named Malawi is in support of such a decision, and furthermore the announcement of Kosovo on an agreement to normalize relations with Tel Aviv was also stated.

The vast volume of information and coverage on the issue of normalization of Israeli relations with countries that few people know about their multiple extensive relations, and the effort to keep this news at the top of the news media through political visits and flights and phone calls of officials and etc. is done in a way to convince the audience and public opinion in Islamic countries to form a huge wave of international solidarity with the Israelis; However, a closer examination of events beyond these media controversies reveal something else.

Trump gambles via pushing forward for the so-called “Deal of the Century”

In recent days, the issue of normalizing relations with the Israeli regime has become virtually the most important mission of the US Department of State and also for the individuals, Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, as a main objective. In regards, frequent trips to the region have been made after the announcement of an agreement between the Israeli regime and the UAE to encourage others to continue the normalization process and have also conducted numerous interviews and comments on various aspects of the story.

While Trump himself has struggled with domestic problems, particularly with the continuation of anti-racism protests and the economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, he has tried to keep the tenor hot for American internal affairs in advertising campaigns, press interviews, and even meetings with officials from other countries.

In this regard, it should be noted that both the normalization of relations between the Arab countries and the Israeli regime and the issue of gaining international support for the transformation of occupied Al-Quds into the capital of the Israeli regime (leading to complete occupation of this city) were the main intentions of the so-called “deal of the century”. However, despite pressurizing all of its Arab allies and much fanfare from US officials, it failed miserably. Even Washington’s Western allies refused to support it.

In fact, in recent days and weeks ahead, due to widespread failures in foreign policy and domestic policy, Trump is limited by all his achievements from the “deal of the century”, which has been supported by a few puppet states in the region and some governments that do not have the least influence in international developments (such as Kosovo and Serbia) and are only in the picture to attract US economic assistance via showing their support for Washington. On the other hand, US media is trying to preview its petty achievement through wide media propaganda coverage by exaggerating the situation.

Unstable affairs of UAE-Israeli relations

Another issue that can be seen in the propaganda deception of the media is the black cloud of corruption that has overshadowed Tel Aviv-Abu Dhabi relations from the very beginning. Tensions over the sale of the advanced F-35 fighter jets to the UAE have disturbed Israel’s equations, in such a way that they are publicly criticizing and opposing the sale of the weapon to the UAE and ignoring the implications this would have in the media.

It should be noted that although having joint front to confront Turkey, as well as the axis of resistance between the UAE and Israel taken into account, the fact that Israelis insist on maintaining their strategic military superiority in the region, such actions (the sale of superior fighter jets to the UAE) are considered as crossing the line for the Israeli regime. In this regard, Israel’s sensitivities will certainly increase as the UAE attempts to obtain nuclear technology to maintain balance with Riyadh, Tehran and Turkey.

Bringing fear upon Palestinians

Another key objective of the widespread propaganda on the normalization of relations and support for the relocation of the US embassy to occupied Al-Quds can be seen in the US and Israeli efforts to pressure the Palestinians in re-entering the negotiating table under new conditions. In fact, the “deal of the century” caused the controversy of negotiation and tolerance with the Israeli occupation to give way entirely to public support for the discourse of resistance and non-negotiation with the Israeli regime. In addition to the fact that it has become harder for Washington to gain international support, even from Arab states who support the continuation of the approach to compromise, the threat of the Palestinians’ abolition of previous agreements (such as security and intelligence agreements) has frightened the Israeli regime, and has made them realize that they would be dealing with future security challenges.


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