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Ashura Day shows the softest image of Pakistan to the world

Shiite News Exclusive

The lovers and followers of Imam Hussain (AS) are observing Ashura Day today all over Pakistan to show the world their devotion.

An Urdu news channel’s website reported that Muslims are observing the day but the news remains incorrect.

Notably, Pakistanis revere Imam Hussain-led martyrs of Karbala.


Imam Hussain attracts all 

Although Shia Muslims lead all in sacred mourning for Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala, non-Muslims also observe azadari rituals.

Factually, by and large, Shia Muslims host and organize Ashura Day congregations and processions but complete fact has it others too hold programmes.

Oppressed humanity adores Imam Hussain 

Most importantly, Imam Hussain remains a role model and source of inspiration for oppressed humanity. Hence, oppressed humanity revere Imam Hussain, the third infallible leader of Shia Islam.
Notably, azadars (mourners) are beating their chest and wailing Ya Hussain! They are shouldering taazia and zuljanah at mourning processions were in all cities and towns across the country.

Furthermore, Shia Islamic scholars and Zakireen are highlighting the sacred life, struggle and teachings of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS). They are aalso discussing various aspects of battle of Karbala. However, some Sunni Bralevi scholars also follow the suit.

Most importantly, Imam Hussain remains a role model and source of inspiration for oppressed humanity.

Message from Pakistan to world

Today, great Pakistani nation, by and large, is sending this message to the world that Pakistan belongs to Imam Hussain. However, they admit exclusion of a minority of hatemongering sectarian fanatics who impersonate them as majority.

Hence, message from Pakistan has it: Salute to Imam Hussain, Martyrs of Karbala and their lovers and followers.

But, those who attack and impede this sacred mourn had always defamed Pakistan, Islam and humanity.

Since they have also bombed Ashura processions and mosques these fanatics remain our common enemies. Let alone churches and temples, please don’t forget their attacks also on Muslims.

Azdari shows softest image of Pakistan

Moreover, 10 Moharram azadari brings the softest image of Pakistan that the world seeing today. Please look at Hindus, Sikhs and Christians who have joined Shia Muslims in this sacred mourn (azadari) today.

Comparatively speaking, nothing can soften image of Pakistan other than that of oceas of the masses on Ashura Day.


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