Hezbollah announce five attacks on Israeli positions

The Lebanese group has published five statements on its Telegram channel in the last hour claiming attacks, marking a busy afternoon for its fighters following an attack on one of its regional commanders in southern Lebanon’s Nabatieh yesterday.

Hezbollah said it carried out the following attacks:

  1. At 3:10pm local time (13:10 GMT), Israeli “spy equipment” was targeted in the Shebaa Farms, an area occupied by Israel but claimed by Lebanon. The attack achieved direct hits, the statement reads.
  2. At 3:30pm local time (13:30 GMT), Israeli “spy equipment” was targeted in the”in the vicinity of the Al-Malikiyah site”. This attack also achieved direct hits, according to the group.
  3. Also at 3:30pm local time (13:30 GMT), the Zabdin site in the Shebaa farms was targeted with rockets.
  4. At 4:00pm local time (14:00 GMT), Hezbollah says it targeted the Al-Malikiyah site with rockets “and hit it directly”.
  5. at 4:35pm local time (14:35 GMT), the Bayad Blida was attacked, also with rockets, which Hezbollah claims directly hit their targets.

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