Mother of Lebanese Martyrs: “Fear Is Not in Our Vocabulary”

Enduring an enigmatic agony following the devastating loss of her mother and not one, but three beloved daughters in a ruthless Israeli airstrike on Lebanon’s Aynata last week, Huda Hijazi, courageously emerges on Al-Manar on Monday, conveying messages both compassionate and resolute to both friends and foes.

In an interview with Al-Manar TV, Huda recounts the harrowing incident that unfolded on Sunday, November 5, when her car became the target of an Israeli strike, resulting in the tragic deaths of her mother and three daughters—Rimas, Talin, and Layan.

With all the pain and the love in this world, Huda reflects with a bittersweet smile on the moments when she and her family packed their belongings in their southern hometown before embarking on their journey to Beirut.

However, the journey was tainted by the malevolence of an Israeli drone that awaited them, snatching away Huda’s mother and her three daughters, leaving an indelible scar that refuses to fade. She stresses that the strike was deliberate, stating, “It was evident that civilians, particularly women and children, were on board the car.”

“We packed our stuff. I cooked for my daughters. They took their toys and bags. After we took the road, we had a top in Aytaroun where I bought candies, chocolate and water for them,” Huda says as she lays on a bed at Sheikh Ragheb Harb Hospital in the southern town of Toul.

Despite the profound loss etched into the very fabric of her being and the injuries sustained during the fatal strike, Huda steadily directs her words towards the perpetrators responsible for the deaths of her cherished mother and daughters—Rimas, Talin, and Layan.

She emphasizes that unlike the Israeli enemy, the Lebanese and Palestinian people harbor no fear, boldly declaring, “We are the owners of this land, and we will soon expel you.”

Asked about her message to the Israeli enemy, Huda tells Al-Manar: “To the enemy I say: You killed me in my land. I will kill you in my land as well…the land that you have stolen… the land of Palestine… in Al-Quds, where we will pray.”

In the wake of Hijazi’s interview, social media erupted with admiration for her unwavering courage, steadfast faith, and remarkable patience. The video resonated widely, becoming a beacon of inspiration as online communities hailed Huda’s resilience in the face of the unimaginable loss. Her compelling words and spirit struck a chord, fostering a collective acknowledgment of her strength.


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