Resistance Tent in Occupied Shebaa Farms Humiliating Israeli Army: Hezbollah

Member of Hezbollah Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qawook affirmed that the tent, erected by the Islamic Resistance in Bustra, occupied Shebaa Farms, has been exposing and humiliating the Israeli army.

Addressing a mourning ceremony in Adloun town, Southern Lebanon, Sheikh Qawook added that the Resistance tent shades the dignity of the entire Lebanese nation and that the achievements of the Resistance honorably reflects Lebanon’s sovereignty.

His eminence, meanwhile, indicated that the local crises highlights Lebanon negatively, warning of the economic, educational and social repercussions of the calamity.

Sheikh Qawook underlined the importance of responding positively to the dialogue call of House Speaker Nabih Berri and reaching a consensus in order to elect a new President who defends the national resources, reassures all the Lebanese, protects the civil peace, and does not enable the Israeli enemy to achieve the targets of 2006 War.


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