MWM delegation visits mausoleum of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Shiite News: The 145th birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the East, is being celebrated across the country. In this regard, the delegation of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Pakistan under the leadership of Vice Chairman Allama Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi attended the Mazar-e-Iqbal, placed a bouquet of flowers and recited Fatiha.

In the delegation of MWM Central Secretary Politics, Syed Asad Abbas Naqvi, provincial leader Allama Hasan Raza Hamdani, Asad Ali Baltistan, Syed Hussain Zaidi, Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah, Najam Khan, Syed Zain Rizvi, Rana Kazim Ali, Advocate Asad Naqvi, Aftab Hashmi and other leaders and workers were also present.

Allama Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi, speaking at Mazar-e-Iqbal, said that Iqbal’s thought teaches self-reliance, if the new generation is made aware of Iqbal’s thought, intellectual slavery can be ended.

He said that today Pakistan is trapped in American slavery, while Allama Iqbal gave concern for liberation from this slavery and taught the youth to fight.

He said that by making Iqbal thought a part of the educational curriculum, the new generation can be awared about it.

He said that if we want to reform our future generations and make them aware of true Islam, which is free from extremism and terrorism, which is moderate Islam, which is Islam based on the teachings of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, there is peace, brotherhood, knowledge, consciousness and insight, for the implementation of such true Islam and Islamic laws, we have to implement the teachings and thoughts given by Allama Iqbal in the true sense.

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