Hunger strike camp against unjust case against mourners

Shiite News: A hunger strike camp has been started at Ranipur Press Club against registration of cases against 115 mourners.

Earlier, a protest was held at the Ranipur Press Club by the mourners, in which the Shia leaders said that we are being punished for mourning Imam Hussain (AS).

We have been mourning in village Vada Bhilar for sixty years, but this year SHO Ranipur has filed a case against mourners, despite the fact that Ranipur police station provided police security to the mourning procession.

According to the leaders, one hundred and fifteen mourners have been named in the case, and are setting up a hunger strike camp in the courtyard of Press Club Ranipur for an indefinite period.

The arrival of leaders of various Shia organizations, workers and mourners Hussain (peace be upon him) continues at the hunger strike camp.

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