Some forces are trying to make Muharram-ul-haram controversial, Shia Sunni scholars

Shia News: Some unseen forces are trying to make the month of Muharram controversial, a wrong impression is being given on social media. This was said by Balochistan’s Shia and Sunni scholars including Dr. Attaur Rahman, Maulana Siraj, Allama Syed Hashim Mousavi, Allama Muhammad Juma Aasdi, Haji Muhammad Jawad Rafiei and others have said in a joint press conference at the Quetta Press Club.

Speakers said that we believe that there are no sects among Muslims, but there is a religion and there are arguments based on them.

In 1949, scholars of all religions agreed on 22 points under the Objectives Resolution. It is still needed today.

He said that in this present time, efforts were made to make the month of Muharram controversial and a wrong impression is being given on social media, although every Muslim believes that we are all one and everyone has to serve the religion of Islam.

Among the learnings of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and Hazrat Imam Ali (AS), the greatest act of worship that they performed was the war and Jihad of Hazrat Ali (AS) against these people.

He said that we agree that it is the throne that fights us, divides us into sects, robs us of our economy, leads us to immorality, hatred and is the ruler of 51 countries of the present time.
Our foreign minister, currency note, our army chief, our education system, our communication system should be one, who is stopping it from being one? He is our ruler. We have to recognize the Nimrod of our time, the Pharaoh of our time and the Yazid of our time.

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