Yazidiyat actual Satanism, which endanger religion, Allama Raja Nasir

Shiite News: Chairman of Majlis Wahdat Muslim Pakistan, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, while addressing the third Muharram Al-Haram mourning majlis on Policy TV channel, said that religion endanger when people of Yazidi character become rulers.

Bad characters and misguided people leave the obedience of Allah and enter the clutches of Satan such as Yazid who was a transgressor and a murderer.

He openly denied the limits of God. Yazidiyat is actually the name of Satanism which makes people fall from the position of humanity.

Where there is exploitation of human values, there will be Yazidi system.

Qarun [ Korah ] style capitalist, Pharaoh attribute politician, and Balaam type of preacher, make up the evil troika.

He said that there is a similar class of exploiters in Pakistan who exploit the country and its people.

There were these three sections within Yazidis who wanted the end of the divine system.

Imam Hussain (AS) preferred martyrdom to allegiance [Bai’t] to this system.

He said that Islam provides guidance for all aspects of life including political, economic, moral, diplomatic, educational, collective and individual rules.

When religion is removed from life, the rule of Nimrod and Shaddad starts in the life.

He said that on one side, Imam Ali (A.S) stood with his few companions to protect the religion, while on the other side, Yazid was aligned with the government of the entire Islamic world.

He further said that the Imam A.S adopted a strategy of cold war to destroy the Yazidis.

The grandson of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid and left Madinah for Makkah.

This was the time when the center of everyone’s attention was the holy person of Imam Hussain (AS). Wherever you went, you used to uncover the plans of Yazidi.

He exposed the ugly face of Yazidiyat to pilgrims from all over the world and left for Iraq to decide the next steps.

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