Silence of Rulers against injustice can snatch their rule, Allama Ejaz Bahishti

Shiite News: The Central Secretary for Youth of MWM Pakistan, Allama Ejaz Bahishti said that the silence of rulers against injustice may deprives them of the rule. He expressed such views while addressing the Soyem (Qul) Ceremony of 3 Martyrs of DI Khan.

He added that in a state where terrorists are set free and gentlemen are found safe places, the rules should abandon their rule with a confession of failure.

He further said that blood bath has been continued in DI Khan for the last 3 decades while terrorists are moving to and fro. If the Government is incapable to control terrorists then the public will be compelled to look for other options, because we cannot leave our offspring to be victimized by the terrorists.

On this occasion, Provincial Secretary-General MWM KP also addressed the highly attended gathering and condemned the incident.


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