No amnesty for Ghustakhan-e-Fatima (AS) till apology, Pir Mahfooz

Shiite News: The Central President of JUP(Suad-e-Azam), Pir Syed Mahfooz Mashadi has made it clear that no amnesty will be granted amnesty to Ghustakhan-e-Fatima (AS) till apology. He added that the Scholars and Elders of Ahle Sunnah ardent lovers of the honor and dignity of Syed Fatima Salamullah Alaiha.

He expressed such views at JUP Central Secretariat and during the International Hafiz-e-Millat conference at Astana Alaia Bhar Chondi Sharif. On this occasion, he also met with Ameer Jamat Ahle Sunnah, Pir Mian Abdul Khaliq Bhar Chondi Sharif, and extended his tribute to Astana Alaia on its services of the Movement of Pakistan.

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