Shikarpur: Attempt of suicide attack by ISIS on the Yom Ali procession failed

Shiitenews: Shikarpur survives from a great loss, attempts to carry out terrorist attack on procession of Youm e Ali made to be fail. On intelligence based report Shikarpur police arrests three terrorists belonging to ISIS.

According to the details, the possible attempt of the world terrorist Wahhabi group ISIS to attack the Youm e Ali procession in Shikarpur was failed. Explosives recovered from arrested terrorists, police and intelligence agencies in a joint operation arrested three terrorists Siddique Brohi, Usman Brohi and Khalid Mahmood called Amir Hamza belonging to ISIS and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

According to police sources, the arrested terrorists have been involved in various terrorist and criminal activities. According to SSP Shikarpur, the arrested terrorists had tried to blow up the Khanpur Imambargah on Eid day in 2016.


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